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Join. Win.

Who we are.

Established in 1984, the Executives' Association of Kern County institutes and maintains among its members a continuous interchange of business information in a setting that promotes friendship, encourages cooperation, fosters improved efficiency and service, expands business opportunities and aids each member firm to individually grow within its own local, national and foreign markets.


What we do.

The Executives' Association of Kern County is an organization of business owners and executives whose sole interest is to increase the sales of goods and services of it's members through the exchange of business information, networking and leads.

The main purpose of the EAKC is to exchange business leads and increase business for each other. The members share a common objective of improving sales, enhancing quality of service and maintaining a market presence in the community. This is accomplished by the members practicing high business standards and ethics.

EAKC Trade Show.

The Executives' Association of Kern County created a small business trade show that gave guests the opportunity to discover new business opportunities. We had inspiring and informative speakers, we covered marketing, we covered personal development, created workshops, and ended with a fireside chat.

Our first ever EAKC Trade Show was a success! We're looking forward to next year. 

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