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Join. Win.

The main purpose of the EAKC is to exchange business leads and increase business for each other. The members share a common objective of improving sales, enhancing quality of service and maintaining a market presence in the community. This is accomplished by the members practicing high business standards and ethics.

The association provides its members with business opportunities that many not otherwise had been available. The members have access to the following:

  • ​Top management personnel

  • Third Party introductions

  • Business through members

  • Special attention and potential discounts

  • Network opportunities with diversified businesses

  • Education

Each member is entitled to the following support and benefits from EAKC:

  • Weekly newsletter (electronic)

  • Increased social media presence

  • Weekly networking breakfast

  • Access to mailing list

  • Additional advertising through the newsletter

  • Social opportunity

  • Links to the local and international website


Breakfast meetings are held weekly and members are required to attend 75% of those meetings


Members are required to contribute leads, business information, and personal business (when possible) to fellow members


Each member firm must be at least two years old


Each member firms representative must be a decision maker within their company

Member requirements.

Member benefits.

Applicantion process.


Member identifies a potential new member.


Member calls the EAKC office to request the guest be added to the guest list for a specific breakfast meeting.


The guest will attend the breakfast meeting. As a potential member, EAKC will cover the cost of one breakfast. The guest will be given a welcome packet which contains a brochure, membership application and other pertinent information.


After attending the breakfast meeting as a guest, the potential member is responsible for contacting our EAKC office should he/she want a membership. Once contacted, the Executive Director will schedule an on site visit with the firm and applicant. This visit is intended to create goodwill, collect firm information and answer questions.


The Executive Director will process the new member information. Processing includes a check of credited personal references, publication in two consecutive newsletters, balloting by general membership, review and recommendation by the membership committee and final approval by the board of directors.

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