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If you are in business you know how important it is to build relationships and network with others that can help you grow your business. In this era of high tech, we rely heavily on our devices and the associated apps. Because of this, it is easy to all into the trap of believing we re networking when in fact we are just spinning our wheels. We maintain a presence with all manners of "social media" and it has become a substitute or perhaps crutch for real Networking, especially as it pertains to your business.

Good networking will result in direct and immediate benefits to your business. The most popular social media forums are, at best, closer to marketing platforms than they are networking opportunities. Successful businesses view marketing and networking as co-equals. When you prop up and build your networking skills your business will profit and that is, what we like to say, the "bottom line." In contrast to social media, vids networking as a "Social Experience" that will directly benefit and increase the success of your business in ways no other efforts can.

The Executives' Association of Kern County (EAKC) is our areas original and premier networking association. The EAKC is a business centric organization with the sole purpose to create business to business networking opportunities. EAKC members recognize the importance of networking to build a better and more profitable business. EAKC members will directly share with you opportunities to grow your business as derived from their own team members and contacts but it doesn't stop there.

As a member of EAKC you can network directly with fellow members and by extension, their team members, contacts and customers so your close contact circle really includes many hundreds if not thousands of contacts you can potentially do business with. One can hear and learn the business experiences from the leaders and associates of dozens of local businesses covering the gambit from those that are household names and have been around for decades to those relatively new businesses bringing new concepts to our community. Learn the tricks of the trade from leaders that have been around the block a few times but whom are always ready to mentor and exchange ideas both old and new. Networking within the EAKC will provide you with the "Social Experience" that will keep you and your team on the cutting edge of all things business well before the information and strategies become mainstream news. Although the concept of networking for business is nothing new to those who are successful, this old school principle has never been more crucial and fruitful in growing your business. After all, the direct request for goods and services from someone you know is always the best and most cost effective referral you can get. At any given EAKC gathering you are likely to acquire new business, new knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the business issues we all face and how to better cope with them. EAKC networking meetings often produce a bit of magic in the form of new business leads or timely information that will make a difference for you and your team. Contact the EAKC office, browse the EAKC website or reach out to any EAKC member to plan your very own networking social experience. You will be welcomed by members that also own a business (or two) and that is where the real networking begins.

Executive Directors Note: Many thanks to Brian for his blog contribution. Brian has been a member of EAKC since 1991

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